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Emotional Prisons

So glad you are here! Have you “had enough” of feeling trapped in co-dependent ways of responding to others in your life?  I understand that feeling! Maybe its time for real change… time to peel back all the layers of history, expectations, hopes and disappointment… time to get to the root issues and challenge the old patterns that are keeping you small.

I see you.  You are ready to be released from this emotional prison.  Together, let’s find your true driving force, your unique voice, and your grounded emotional freedom.  Imagine the possibilities, both in solitude and in your important relationships.

True freedom can be yours.


Licensed professional counselor in Colorado offering individual, family and child therapy. Rates are 50 minutes for $100 or 80 min for $140/ Specialties in codependency, trauma recovery from childhood attachment wounds, and divorce recovery. Expert testimony in divorce and custody cases available for established clients. Video or phone sessions are available at a rate $100 for a 50 minute session.


Divorce coaching… specialties in improving boundaries, creating healthy communication, co-parenting through divorce, and creating a new new life after divorce. Rates are $100/ hour or $500/ month. I am available for support by text, e-mail, and face-to face meetings at this rate.


Collaborative or traditional divorce consultant… collaboration with your divorce team (you, attorneys, financial planners, and real estate reps), processing issues revolving around financial and parenting agreements. I am available for collaboration and support by text, e-mail, and face-to-face meetings at a rate $750/ month for the duration of divorce mediation, settlement, or trial.


Coming soon… 10 weeks to emotional freedom from an emotional manipulator/ 10 weeks to freedom from love addiction/ 10 weeks to freedom from codependent relationships/ 10 weeks toward relational health in a collaborative divorce/ 10 weeks to reconnect with your kids after parental estrangement. Rates include e-book, handouts, online support group, and weekly phone call to answer questions. Rate is $750 for the 10 week course.

Jade Graham

C. Jade Graham, LPC

Trained in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Attachment Therapies, & Child Parent Psychotherapy, Jade Latimer Graham is highly trained to work with individuals or families challenged by past or current traumas. Her coaching focuses on issues rooted in co-dependency and boundaries, as well as collaborative divorce.

“Jade has provided therapy services for several of my [family law] clients. She has a strong, dedicated work ethic, making herself available literally around the clock, when needed. She is an excellent professional witness, and all around great person.”
B.G. (family law attorney)

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